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Institutes of the Christian Religion

John Calvin

A New Translation, by Henry Beveridge, Esq

Edinburgh: Printed for The Calvin Translation Society, 1845

Table of Contents

Book One: Of the Knowledge of God the Creator

Book Two: Of the knowledge of God the Redeemer, in Christ, as first manifested to the fathers, under the law, and thereafter to us under the gospel.

Book Three: The mode of obtaining the grace of Christ. The benefits it confers, and the effects resulting from it.

Book Four: Of the external means or helps by which God allures us into fellowship with Christ, and keeps us in it.

The Printers to the Readers.

The Original Translator's Preface: Prefixed to the fourth edition, 1581.

Prefatory Address: To Francis, King of the French.

The Epistle to the Reader: Prefixed to the second edition, 1539.

Subject of the Present Work: Prefixed to the French Edition, 1545.

Epistle to the Reader: Prefixed to the last Edition, revised by the Author.1559.

Method and Arrangement, or Subject of the Whole Work.

Index of Scripture Citations in the Institutes

Index of Authors Cited in the Institutes

One Hundred Aphormisms - 100 Point Summary of the Institutes (By Rev William Pringle)

General Index

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