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Charles Taze Russell

Charles Taze Russell and Miracle Wheat
A compilation of all Zion's Watch Tower articles that discuss Miracle Wheat.

Charles Taze Russell and the Great Pyramid - Discusses some of the misrepresentations being presented concerning Russell and the Great Pyramid

Charles Taze Russell Taught That Infants, the Insane, Idiotic, Etc. Will Be Blessed in God's Kingdom

Charles Taze Russell's Predictions Concerning 1914

The Faithful and Wise Servant and Other Servants

How Restoration Light Teachings Differ From Russell

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
by Charles Taze Russell - Brother Russell's own statement concerning his trials with his wife. Articles reproduced from The Watch Tower, July 15, 1906

More information on Brother Russell at the Yahoo site: pyramids, JWs, freemasonry, etc. -- You will need to be a member of Yahoo to see these files.

Some Works of Charles Taze Russell
These writings are selected because they are related to various misrepresentations, false accusations, and distortions that are being presented by Russell's enemies (and sometimes even by some of his friends).

The Rock-Built Church -- What did Russell teach about the true Church, and sectarianism?

The Temple of God -- Excerpts from this discourse of Pastor Russell have often been quoted by his enemies in an endeavor to prove that he was in league with the Masons, and the demons. We have reproduced the entire sermon so that one can see the context of what Russell actually said.

Pastor Russell in Reply to Critics -- C. T. Russell's Reply to the accusations of E. L. Benedict (Mason M. E. Church) as appeared in the Tacoma Tribune regarding money matters, 1914, miracle wheat, Union Ban

Publications and Articles by Others

PLEASE NOTE! We are providing the following links because they provide valuable information regarding Charles Taze Russell. However, this does not mean that we endorse each and every expression stated in these references, nor that we endorse the total teachings and practices of the individuals or groups that provide the websites.

Bible Students Movement

Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses, What's the Difference?
(Bible Students Online)

Food For Thinking Jehovah's Witnesses
(Bible Students Online)

(Arian Bible Students)

The Churches, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Unfulfilled Prophetic Expectations
(Hal Flemings) - This is written from the JW point of view, but we include it because Brother Russell is often referred to as a "false prophet." Mr. Flemings does give a historical background of "failed predictions" we think is very beneficial.

Criticism of Pastor Russell Examined in the Light of Scripture
Compiled by M. C. Bradley, Chicago August, 1914 - Examines Criticisms of Russell by W. G. Moorehead, P. Beckman, C. C. Cook, W. Leon Tucker, I. M. Haldeman, and others.

Did Pastor Russell get rich from selling his books and "Miracle Wheat"? -- Part 1

Did Pastor Russell get rich by selling his books and "Miracle Wheat"? -- Part 2

Do Bible Students Worship C. T. Russell?
(Bible Students Online)

The Evil Slave Class (Bible Students online)

God's Mouthpiece (Regan Balman)

A Great Battle in the Ecclesiastical Heavens
by J. F. Rutherford, 1915 -- Approved by Brother Russell: Discusses The Brooklyn Eagle's accusations of Russell. Includes information concerning "Miracle Wheat", The Ross Libel, Mrs. Russell's accusations and more.

A HISTORY OF THE BIBLE STUDENT MOVEMENT Information is good. We would rather have seen a more scriptural title than Soldiers of the Cross, given to this document, as many tend to see idolatry in this title. See: Idolatry Links.

How One Bible Student Sees Himself - in regard to Christian freedom, and the accusation of "following a man."

A Pastor of Excellence


(Charles Taze Russell) Script and stills from the famous presentation - supplied by the Associated Bible Students of Central Ohio.

St. Paul Enterprise Articles Regarding the Death and Burial of, and Memorial Services for, Pastor Russell

History of Bible Students after Pastor's Russell's Death - In our opinion, the author of this history seems to place a sectarian view on Russell and his writings, and is obviously opposed to Bible Students' not upholding what Russell taught, even on non-fundamentals, but the historical information is informative.

St. Paul Enterprise Defence of Pastor Russell -- Discusses accusations and misrepresentations made by William T. Ellis, W. B. Riley, and others. Some statements seem to exalt Brother Russell too highly, making him a prophet (which Russell himself disclaimed, QB272:1; 675:1), but most is good information.

Now available online from North Seattle Bible Students.

Pastor Russell - Documenting the Life and Ministry of Charles Taze Russell
I personally find this site a little confusing to navigate, and have tried to link directly to pages, but evidently the site is set up so that someindividual links are not being permitted. However, this site contains a lot of good information about Charles Taze Russell, including the following:

What Happened to the "Studies in the Scriptures"?
(Bible Students Online)

When Pastor Russell Died
Second Source

Will and Testament of Charles Taze Russell

All issues from 1879 to 1916


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