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I'm Not Where I Thought I Was



I’ve heard it told in the testimony of men

how they struggled to climb from the pit they were in

and battled with God and wrestled with sin,

yet always slid back, unable to win.


They spoke of the horrible acts they had done

and knowing God sought them, the harder they run

to break all the laws and keep not a one

‘til life unraveled, to their end they had come.


Someone spoke and they heard them say,

"You've tried everything. Let me show you the way.

Jesus loves you, and your debt He did pay.

Just bow your head and pray what I pray."


Proclaimed as redeemed, and forever secured.

Heaven's your home of that you’re assured,

for the act of your faith, new life was procured.

Just do good work and your future’s insured.


This lie has been told time after time.

“precept upon precept; line upon line;”

The more it is told, the greater the crime.

Deceptive and deadly, far from benign.


Darkness is more than just "not as bright."

It condemns not itself for its lack of all light.

As the lost do not see the state of their plight,

they see no pit, and all appears right.


The dead never struggle to climb from their grave;

The lost are as dead and Totally Depraved,

contrite and content yet simply a slave.

The road to hell with good intention is paved.


Unconditional Election? Yes it must be!

Did God roll the dice and now waits to see

who will come on their own, since the will is so free?

So God makes no promise and there's no guarantee?


Election is true and God paid the price

for those that are His, not just to entice.

Limited Atonement, to be more precise,

efficient for the Church and will fully suffice.


His call is effective, an irresistible grace,

to raise us from death and a faith to embrace.

Only then will we see our state of disgrace,

for we’re slain by the law, our sin to erase.


God has worked in us to both will and to do.

(Our will to work outward will definitely ensue.)

Perseverance of the saints will carry us through!

It is all about God, not about you.


Tim Naab

April 10, 2012

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