Mattoon Illinois 1917 Tornado




These are the dead from the Mattoon, IL 1917 tornado. I have been unable to find the graves of a few. If you are related or have any nformation on these people, please email me @ . Thanks Tim



Last Name

First, Middle, Maiden

Find a Grave #

  Allison M. D. 70101150
  Anderson Nellie 59111867
  Beavers Cecelia (ROBBINS?) 70102144
  Beavers Harry L 70102150
child Beavers   Possibly buried with parents
  Bridges Theo "Teddy" 70102890
  Brown William 70103024
  Brunson T. C 70103119
  Coons Michael 70240749
Mrs Coons Nancy L 70240750
  Davidson Forest 38497582
Mrs Davidson Mary 28928080
  DeHahn Mary Crider 78176431
  Gullion Charles Jr 70239607
  Hallowell Dora L "Hunt"  78177420
  Harris Charles Jr. 70240040
  Heritage Female 70106648
Mrs Heritage Mildred 70106646
  Hickey Lorence 70106734
  Hyde Thomas F. 70107329
  Jackson Barbara A Dow  29473893
Miss Luellen Pearl 70109163
  Melton Virgil W. 70110599
Mrs Mullenix Addie 70111309
  Nelms Frederick 70111529
  Nelms Ramona 70111528
  Pancoast Sarah Climer 70112112
Mrs Redman Helen 70113145
Son of  Redman Sadie 70113146
Mr Redman Wiley 70113142
MRS Reed Cora 70113167
  Roberson William Dwight 70113538
  Shelly Belle O. 70114694
  Spaulding F. O. or A. 70115447
  Swanson Alford 70116024
Mrs Sweeney Mrs Louisa M "Kinsinger" 78180753
  Sweeney William R 78180704
  Tudor Arleta 70116685
Mrs Turner Emma 70116709
  Turner James 70116717
  Waggoner  Lola Graham  13511847
  Waggoner  Owen 13511838
Baby Waggoner    probably buried with Owen and Lola
  Webster Agnes 70117552
  Williams John 70118008
  Spitz Ignatius G b. 21 Jul 1838
  Phelps Aga Loraine  
  Daugherty Edwin  
  Pierce Jack  
  White Earl  
  Taylor Jacob  
Mrs Taylor Mrs Lee  
child Taylor Margaret (child)  
child Taylor Lorrain (child)  
  Diggers Jacob  
  Fickes Charles (possibly Child)  
child Fickes Child (possibly Charles)  
  Burkes William  
  Burkes Eugene  
Mrs Huddleston Mrs Grace  
  Frazier Harrison  
  Grubb John  
Mrs Grubb Mrs John  
Mrs Travers Mrs Susan  
Mrs Temple Mrs Charles  
  Needy J  
Mrs Bickers