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The Bible History, Old Testament
by Alfred Edersheim

Volume II

The Exodus and The Wanderings in the Wilderness


    Egypt and its History during the Stay of the Children of Israel, as Illustrated by the Bible and Ancient Monuments.
    The Children of Israel in Egypt - Their Residences, Occupations, Social Arrangements, Constitution, and Religion - A new King who knew not Joseph.
    The Birth and the Training of Moses, Both in Egypt and in Midian as Preparatory to his Calling.
    The Call of Moses - The Vision of the Burning Bush - The Commission to Pharaoh and to Israel - The three "Signs" and their Meaning.
    Moses Returns into Egypt - The Dismissal of Zipporah -Moses meets Aaron - Their Reception by the Children of Israel - Remarks on the Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart
    Moses and Aaron deliver their Message to Pharaoh - Increased Oppression of Israel - Discouragement of Moses - Aaron shows a Sign - General View and Analysis of each of the Ten "Strokes" or Plagues
    The Passover and its Ordinances - The Children of Israel leave EGYPT - Their First Resting-places - The Pillar of Cloud and of Fire - Pursuit of Pharaoh - Passage through the Red Sea -Destruction of Pharaoh and his Host - The Song "on the other side"


    The Wilderness of Shur - The Sinaitic Peninsula - Its Scenery and Vegetation - Its Capabilities of Supporting a Population -The Wells of Moses - Three Days March to Marah - Elim -Road to the Wilderness of Sin - Israel's Murmuring - The Miraculous Provision of the Quails - The Manna.
    Rephidim - The Defeat of Amalek and its meaning - The Visit of Jethro and its symbolical import.
  • CHAPTER 10
    Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai - The Preparations for the Covenant - The "Ten Words?" and their meaning.
  • CHAPTER 11
    Civil and Social Ordinances of Israel as the People of God - Their Religious Ordinances in their National Aspect - The "Covenant made by Sacrifice" and the Sacrificial Meal of Acceptance.
  • CHAPTER 12
    The Pattern seen on the Mountain - The Tabernacle, the Priesthood, and the Services in their Arrangement and Typical Meaning - The Sin of the Golden Calf - The Divine Judgment - The Plea of Moses - God's gracious Forgiveness - The Vision of the Glory of the Lord vouchsafed to Moses.
  • CHAPTER 13
    Moses a Second Time on the Mount - On his Return his Face shineth - The Rearing of the Tabernacle - Its Consecration by the seen Presence of Jehovah.
  • CHAPTER 14
    Analysis of the Book of Leviticus - The Sin of Nadab and Abihu - Judgment upon the Blasphemer.
  • CHAPTER 15
    Analysis of the Book of Numbers - The Numbering of Israel - and that of the Levites - Arrangement of the Camp, and its Symbolical Import - The March.
  • CHAPTER 16
    The Offerings of the - Princes - The setting apart of the Levites - Second Observance of the Passover.
  • CHAPTER 17
    Departure from Sinai - March into the Wilderness of Paran - At Taberah and Kibroth-hattaavah.
  • CHAPTER 18
    Murmuring of Miriam and Aaron - The Spies sent to Canaan -Their "Evil Report" - Rebellion of the People, and Judgment pronounced upon them - The defeat of Israel "unto Hormah".
  • CHAPTER 19
    The Thirty-eight Years in the Wilderness - The Sabbath-breaker - The Gainsaying of Korah and of his Associates - Murmuring of the People; The Plague, and how it was stayed - Aakon's Rod budding, blossoming, and bearing Fruit.
  • CHAPTER 20
    The Second Gathering of Israel in Kadesh - The Sin of Moses and Aaron - Embassy to Edom - Death of Aaron - Retreat of Israel from the borders of Edom - Attack by the Canaanitish King of Arad.
  • CHAPTER 21
    Journey of the Children of Israel in "compassing" the land of Edom - The "Fiery Serpents" and the "Brazen Serpent" - Israel enters the land of the Amorites - Victories over Sihon and over Og, the kings of the Amorites and of Bashan - Israel camps in "the lowlands of Moab" close by the Jordan.

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