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The Bible History, Old Testament by Alfred Edersheim was originally published 1876-1887 in seven volumes. This electronic version of his work is from an edition that appeared in 1890 which contains all seven volumes.

The Bible History
Old Testament

by Alfred Edersheim

bullet Volume I     - The World Before the Flood, and The History of the Patriarchs
bullet Volume II   - The Exodus and The Wanderings in the Wilderness
bullet Volume III  -  Israel In Canaan Under Joshua And The Judges
bullet Volume IV  - The History Of Israel Under Samuel, Saul, And David,
                       To The Birth Of Solomon
bullet Volume V   -  Birth Of Solomon To Reign Of Ahab
bullet Volume VI  -  The Reign Of Ahab To The Decline Of The Two Kingdoms
bullet Volume VII From The Decline Of The Two Kingdoms To The Assyrian And
                        Babylonian Captivity












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