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The Bible History, Old Testament
by Alfred Edersheim

Volume III

Israel in Canaan Under Joshua and the Judges

    Israel About To Take Possession Of The Land Of Promise - Decisive Contest Showing The Real Character Of Heathenism - Character And History Of Balaam.
    The "Prophecies" Of Balaam - The End Of Balaam - Parallel Between Balaam And Judas
    The Second Census Of Israel - The "Daughters Of Zelophehad" - Appointment Of Moses' Successor - Sacrificial Ordinances - The War Against Midian - Allocation Of Territory East Of The Jordan - Levitical And Cities Of Refuge
    Death And Burial Of Moses
    The Charge To Joshua - Despatch Of The Two Spies To Jericho - Rahab
    The Miraculous Parting Of Jordan, And The Passage Of The Children Of Israel - Gilgal And Its Its Meaning - The First Passover On The Soil Of Palestine
    The "Prince Of The Host Of Jehovah" Appears To Joshua - The Miraculous Fall Of Jericho Before The Ark Of Jehovah
    Unsuccessful Attack Upon Ai - Achan's Sin, And Judgment - Ai Attacked A Second Time And Taken
    Solemn Dedication Of The Land And Of Israel On Mounts Ebal And Gerizim - The Deceit Of The Gibeonites.
  • CHAPTER 10
    The Battle Of Gibeon - Conquest Of The South Of Canaan - The Battle Of Merom - Conquest Of The North Of Canaan - State Of The Land At The Close Of The Seven Years' War
  • CHAPTER 11
    Distribution Of The Land - Unconquered Districts - Tribes East Of The Jordan - "The Lot" - Tribes West Of The Jordan - The Inheritance Of Caleb - Dissatisfaction Of The Sons Of Joseph - The Tabernacle At Shiloh - Final Division Of The Land
  • CHAPTER 12
    Return Of The Two And A Half Tribes To Their Homes - Building Of An Altar By Them - Embassy To Them - Joshua's Farewell Addresses - Death Of Joshua - Review Of His Life And Work
  • CHAPTER 13
    Summary Of The Book Of Judges - Judah's And Simeon's Campaign - Spiritual And National Decay Of Israel - "From Gilgal To Bochim."
  • CHAPTER 14
    Othniel - Ehud - Shamgar
  • CHAPTER 15
    The Oppression Of Jabin And Sisera - Deborah And Barak - The Battle Of Taanach - The Song Of Deborah
  • CHAPTER 16
    Midianitish Oppression - The Calling Of Gideon - Judgment Begins At The House Of God - The Holy War - The Night-Battle Of Moreh
  • CHAPTER 17
    Farther Course Of Gideon - The Ephod At Ophrah - - Death Of Gideon - Conspiracy Of Abimelech - The Parable Of Jotham - Rule And End Of Abimelech
  • CHAPTER 18
    Successors Of Abimelech - Chronology Of The Period - Israel's Renewed Apostacy And Their Humiliation Before Jehovah - Oppression By The Ammonites - - Jephthah - His History And Vow - The Successors Of Jephthah
  • CHAPTER 19
    Meaning Of The History Of Samson - His Annunciation And Early History - The Spirit Of Jehovah "Impels Him" - His Deeds Of Faith
  • CHAPTER 20
    The Sin And Fall Of Samson - Jehovah Departs From Him - Samson's Repentance, Faith, And Death
  • CHAPTER 21
    Social And Religious Life In Bethlehem In The Days Of The Judges - The Story Of Ruth - King David's Ancestors

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