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The Bible History, Old Testament
by Alfred Edersheim

Volume IV

The History of Israel Under Samuel, Saul, and David,
to the Birth of Solomon

    Purport and Lessons of the Books of Samuel - Eli - Hannah's Prayer and Vow - Birth of Samuel - Dedication of the Child - Hannah's Song

    The Sin of Eli's Sons - Eli's Weakness - A Prophet's Message - Samuel's First Vision - His Call to the Prophetic Office

    Expedition Against the Philistines - The Two Battles of Ebenezer - Death of Eli's Sons, and Taking of the Ark - Death of Eli - Judgment on the Philistine Cities - The Return of the Ark

    Samuel As Prophet - The Gathering at Mizpeh - Battle of Ebenezer; Its Consequences - Samuel's Administration-The Demand for a King

    The Calling of Saul - Occasion of his Interview with Samuel - Samuel Communes with Saul - Saul is Anointed King - The Three "Signs" - Their Deeper Significance

    Saul Chosen King at Mizpeh - His Comparative Privacy - Incursion of Nahash - Relief of Jabesh-gilead - Popular Assembly at Gilgal - Address of Samuel

    Saul Marches against the Philistines - Position of the two Camps - Jonathan's Feat of Arms - Saul Retreats to Gilgal - Terror among the People - Saul's Disobedience to the Divine Command, and Rejection of his Kingdom

    Camps of Israel and of the Philistines - Jonathan and his Armor-bearer - Panic Among the Philistines, and Flight - Saul's Rash Vow - The "Lot" cast at Ajalon - Cessation of the War

    The War Against Amalek - Saul's Disobedience, and its Motives - Samuel Commissioned to announce Saul's Rejection - Agag Hewn in Pieces

  • CHAPTER 10
    Samuel Mourns for Saul - He is directed to the house of Jesse - Anointing of David - Preparation of David for the Royal Office - The "Evil Spirit from the Lord" upon Saul - David is sent to Court - War with the Philistines - Combat between David and Goliath - Friendship of David and Jonathan

  • CHAPTER 11
    Saul's Jealousy, and Attempts upon David's Life - David marries Michal - Ripening of Saul's Purpose of Murder - David's Flight to Samuel - Saul among the Prophets - David Finally leaves the Court of Saul

  • CHAPTER 12
    David at Nob - Observed by Doeg - Flight to Gath - David feigns Madness - The Cave of Adullam - Shelter in Moab - Return to the land of Israel - Jonathan's Last Visit - Persecutions by Saul

  • CHAPTER 13
    Saul in David's Power at En-gedi - The Story of Nabal - Saul a second time in David's power

  • CHAPTER 14
    David's Second Flight to Gath - Residence at Ziklag - Expedition of the Philistines Against Israel - Saul at Jezreel He resorts to the Witch at Endor - Apparition and Message of Samuel - David has to Leave the Army of the Philistines - Capture of Ziklag by the Amalekites - Pursuit and Victory of David

  • CHAPTER 15
    The Battle on Mount Gilboa - Death of Saul - Rescue of the bodies by the men of Jabesh-gilead - David punishes the false Messenger of Saul's Death - David king at Hebron -Ish-bosheth king at Mahanaim - Battle between the forces of Abner and Joab - Abner Deserts the cause of Ish-bosheth - Murder of Abner - Murder of Ish-bosheth

  • CHAPTER 16
    David anointed King over all Israel - Taking of Fort Zion - Philistine Defeat - The Ark brought to Jerusalem - Liturgical Arrangements and Institutions

  • CHAPTER 17
    David's Purpose of Building the Temple, and its Postponement - The "Sure Mercies" of David in the Divine Promise - David's Thanksgiving

  • CHAPTER 18
    Wars of David Great Ammonite and Syrian Campaign against Israel - Auxiliaries in turn Defeated - The Capital of Moab is taken - Edom subdued - Record of David's officers - His Kindness to Mephibosheth

  • CHAPTER 19
    Siege of Rabbah - David's great Sin - Death of Uriah - Taking of Rabbah - David's seeming Prosperity - God's Message through Nathan - David's Repentance - The Child of Bathsheba dies - Birth of Solomon

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