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De Servo Arbitrio

"On the Enslaved Will"


The Bondage of the Will

By Dr. Martin Luther (1483-1546)

Table of Contents

bullet Translator's Preface
bullet Introduction
bullet Erasmus' Preface Reviewed (Sections 1)
bullet Erasmus' Scepticism (Sections 26)
bullet The Necessity of Knowing God and His Power (Sections 78)
bullet The Sovereignty of God (Sections 927)
bullet Exordium (Sections 2840)
bullet Discussion: First Part (Sections 4175)
bullet Discussion: Second Part (Sections 76134)
bullet Discussion: Third Part (Sections 135166)
bullet Conclusion: (Sections 167168)
bullet Appendix: Martin Luther's Judgment of Erasmus of Rotterdam
bullet Appendix: Martin Luther to Nicolas Armsdoff Concerning Erasmus of Rotterdam





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