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Early Church Documents: C

  • Caedmon, English poet, (VII Century):
    • Codex Junius 11 A manuscript of religious poetry (Genesis A & B; Exodus; Daniel; Christ and Satan) compiled in the X Century. Although the authorship is disputed, some or all of these poems may be the work of the illiterate herdsman who (at the command of angels, according to Bede) founded English literature. Geo. W. Kennedy translation, 1916. --- OMACL
    • Secondary sources:
  • Caius, Roman Christian priest, (II/III Centuries):
    • Fragments: Although Caius is important for his opposition to the Artemonian heresy, his most interesting fragment for modern readers concerns the writing of the New Testament. Salmond translation. --- NA
  • Callistus I, Pope of Rome, (II/III Centuries):
    • First Epistle (To Bishop Benedict): Concerning the seasons for fasting, and accusations against teachers. --- NA
    • Second Epistle (To the Bishops of Gaul): Against ecclesiastical conspiracies, bishops meddling in the affairs of other diocese, marriages between close relatives and other moral and family irregularities. Also declares that priests who have sinned may resume their duties after repenting: "Then shall I offer a bullock upon Thy altar." --- NA
  • Carmina Gadelica:
    • Carmichael translation, with original Gaelic In the 1800s, Alexander Carmichael (Beachd Alastair) collected over a hundred ancient poems and prayers still current in the Hebrides. Many unquestionably date back to the early Celtic Church. --- ISLE OF SKYE GAELIC COLLEGE
  • Cassia (Casia or Casiana), Byzantine nun and poet, (IX Century):
  • Cassian, John: see John Cassian
  • Cassiodorus, Roman scholar and statesman, (VI Century):
  • Catherine of Genoa, Italian mystic, (XV/XVI Centuries):
  • Catherine of Siena, Italian Dominican mystic, (XIV Century):
  • Cell of Self-Knowledge, collection of mediæval mystical treatises, printed 1521:
  • Chardri:
  • Charlemagne, Frankish Roman Emperor of the West, (VIII/IX Centuries):
  • Clement I, Pope of Rome, (I Century):
  • Clement V, Pope of Rome, (XIII/XIV Centuries):
  • Clement of Alexandria, Christian philosopher, (II/III Centuries):
  • Cloud of Unknowing, English mystical treatise, (XIV Century):
  • Cluny, French monastery:
  • Columba of Iona, Irish abbot and missionary in Scotland, (VI Century):
  • Columbanus of Bobbio, Irish missionary in Europe, (VI/VII Centuries):
    • Boat Song: As the editor puts it, this song "captures the mood of adventure and robust faith that animated the Irish monks." Tierney translation. --- MSBP
    • Secondary sources:
      • Jonas of Bobbio: Life of St. Columban: Based on interviews with Columbanus' disciples and friends by a monk who entered the monastery three years after its founder's repose. Describes the saint's life in France, his miracles (including the multiplication of beer), his amicable relations with numerous wild animals, and his involvement in Merovingian politics. Munro translation, 1907.
  • Commodian, Roman or African Christian poet, date unknown:
    • The Instructions: A series of acrostic poems on Christian themes, markedly apocalyptic in tone. --- NA
  • Conrad of Saxony:
  • Constantine I (the Great), Emperor of Rome, (III/IV Centuries):
  • Constantine VI, Emperor of the East, (VIII Century):
  • Coptic Devotional Material and Hymnography:
  • Cornelius, Pope of Rome, (III Century):
    • Fragments of Epistles: Against the rigorist Novatian, who opposed readmitting to the Church those who had lapsed under persecution. From Eusebius, EH vi, 43, McGiffert translation, 1890. --- SPL
  • Cosmas Indicopleustes, Syrian monk and world traveler, (VI Century):
  • Councils of the Church:
  • Creeds:
  • Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, African theologian and martyr, (III Century):
  • Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria, (IV/V Centuries):
  • Cyril, Patriarch of Jerusalem, (IV Century):


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